B&S Group offers top level jobs , with a lot of care for continuing education. We facilitate professional training because we believe that well-trained employees deliver qualitatively higher products. For the same reason we provide a safe work environment. Our enterprise is stable and offers proper primary and secondary employment conditions.

Overview of job vacancies


Are you interested in one of our job vacancies? Send your CV and motivational letter to info@bstechnology.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at +31 (0)134625800.

Open application

We believe that talent should be utilized and opportunities should be grabbed.  Are you convinced that you can be of value to us at B&S Group? We invite you to send us an open application and tell us more about yourself and your motivation. You will always hear form us and if there is a mutual interest we will gladly invite you to come to visit us at our office to get to know you better.


01. What does B&S Group do?

We develop, produce and provide maintenance for precise and complex components and compounds. B&S Group shapes products by means of assembly and by removing metal, starting at a concept and working towards an end product.   

We stand for reliability and fast production and safeguard both the quality of our products and a short production run. We are here to think along with the client and will not back down from an emergency request. Our operational management is therefore characterized by flexibility. We are the ideal partner for our client’s turning and milling orders.


02. Our core values

B&S Group is socially engaged and fullfils its responsibility by providing a healthy and safe work environment.

Employees are regularly given the opportunity to develop themselves further. As a result we invest in young people’s education above average.

B&S Group values sustainability. With the aim of improving our environment we strive to limit our energy consumption and waste materials. Raw materials are recycled as much as possible and we purchase sustainable products whenever possible.


03. Our opportunities

At B&S Group you can start your education through the Dutch "Beroepsbegeleidende Leerweg level 2 (BBL-2)" system of the MBO. You will then go to school for 6 weeks, which consist of one day theory and four days of practicing per week, followed by 6 weeks of working at your training company.

We also regularly offer internships, because we acknowledge the importance of a good education. Such an internship will quite frequently lead to a starting position at B&S Group. Both pupils still in high school and students from higher education are invited to come join us. Discover your talent (further) and continue to develop yourself within the technical industry.