B&S Special Tools

B&S Special Tools manufactures and repairs high-grade means of production. As an edge-tool factory we are the ideal partner for production companies that wish to outsource these tasks.

Flexible with the focus on quality

We maintain, revise and provide the renewed production of stamping and cutting tools. Our knowledge of and experience within the field of materials enables us to fulfill every client’s wish. Moreover, when deemed necessary, we are supported by B&S Technology which makes us able to attend to every order. Together we can carry out the total package.

Our two-shift schedule allows us to quickly adjust to any given problems. The amount of machines available to us, complemented by B&S Technology’s capacity at Tilburg, guarantees a short lead time. In addition to that, we are located in Veenendaal which makes us very reachable and whereby we are able to supply throughout the Netherlands. 

Our services

As an edge-tool factory we are the ideal partner for outsourcing the maintenance and repair of your means of production. We ensure that you can keep your focus on developing your product.

B&S Special Tools supplies services by means of maintaining or revising moulds. Additionally our set of products comprises of precision components and parts of the machinery made out of high-grade tool steel and tungsten carbide.

We offer a wide range of employable machines in respect to turning, milling, profile – surface – and cylinder grinding. CNC turning of hardened steel parts with a firmness of over 60 HRc are among our specialties. Aside from that we are equipped to produce spare parts and other tools up to a 5 μ tolerance.



Download our list of machines with all the specifications. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We are here to help you along.

Download our list of machinery



Our clients operate internationally and are authoritative on the European market. Often they operate within the automotive, coil or food industry. We distinguish ourselves within the field of performing repairs and revisions by a high degree of flexibility.



Are you interested in finding out what it would cost you to outsource your product and how long it would take us to deliver it? Send the details of the product concerned to sales@bstechnology.nl or provide us with your information below. We will send you a customized tender-offer as quickly as possible. Benieuwd naar wat het vervaardigen van uw product gaat kosten en wat de bijbehorende levertijd zal zijn?

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